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Meet Melanie

She is a person with a love of crystals!

Melanie, the founder of Heavenly Connections, always wanted to create an environment of love, peace, harmony and beauty that would be shared by many. With a whole lot of passion & love for what she does, Melanie comes from a place of authenticity and wisdom.

Heavenly Connections is that world!

Heavenly Connection’s success has a lot to do with Melanie’s down to earth attitude and easy approach style. Her passion for crystals, her grace and psychic awareness gave way to the birth of Heavenly Connections.

It is a place of beauty and wonder, spiritual awareness, love and peace.

Melanie’s main aim is to bring people together through all walks of life as equals.

She has managed to do this beautifully, creatively and exquisitely through the many lovely products and services at Heavenly Connections!

We, at Heavenly connections love working and laughing together. We all share the same core values which has built Heavenly Connections to the level of excellency we have so proudly achieved.

It is very common to walk into Heavenly Connections as a customer and walk out as a friend.

Our aim has always been to treat our customers to an experience rather than a service. We empower our customers with knowledge to help guide them on their path and our products provide the tools to help do so.

Love for each other, love for our products and a passion for what we do reflects through the eyes of all our team members. We celebrate each other’s strengths and we respect each other’s differences.

Meet the team... this is our Heavenly Connections team:

Melanie, Bev, Sharon, Jenny, Agnes, Deb & Jill

Heavenly Connections stocks a large range of:

- Stunning Crystals

- Candles

- Sprays

- Amazing Jewellery

- Books and Music

- CDs

- Incense

- Greeting Cards

- Feng Shui products

- Giftware

- Large selection of Tarot & Oracle Cards

- Essential Oils

- Clothing

We constantly have new stock arriving at the doors at Heavenly Connections, so our range is always growing and something new is always on offer.

Phone: 02 6156 8342